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The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

I just came across an excellent graphical illustration by Search Engine Land called “The periodic table of SEO ranking factors”, this infographic design to illustrate the most important factors you must be aware of when you’re dealing with search engine optimisation.

SEO Ranking Factors
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How to enable Multi site option in WordPress 3.0 +


The feature “multi-site” of WordPress is already present in the basic installation, simply activate it.
To enable it, add:
define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE',true);
in wp-config.php.

Log into to your site admin.

Under “Tools” menu appears a new element: “Network Settings.”
You have a choice (if your site is installed on the root domain) between sites on the next install subdomains or subfolders. Choose more click “Install”. Read more

Google “Page Layout” algorithm to penalising sites with very prominent advertising

Google announced that they begin to penalise a websites having lot of advertising on sites where a user expects to find content. “With very prominent advertising” referring to the term “Above the fold”, which is the area of the page is loading without having to use the scroll.

The explanation is simple: As we know too well, Google wants quality results, so if you put excessive “pollution” to the top as to make it difficult for users to find content, that page should not be positioned above other similar results.

Matt Cutt explain that this is a minor update, which should only affect 1% of searches, but the problem as always, how much advertising is too much or what is worse.