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WordPress basic SEO & practical advice/plugins

Lately there have been some changes in terms of SEO is concerned, one of the most important is the inclusion of tag rel = “canonical” which solves the problem of duplicate content that generated so many headaches. Well, it turns out that the fabulous plugin “All In One SEO Pack” and is included the option to use rel = “canonical” in your post so that now more than ever you should update the plugin to the latest stable version is 1.6.+ (please note, plugin is only compatible with WordPress 2.8.4 or higher) and of course you should update WordPress to the latest version. Read more

Tips to Run an Effective PPC Campaign

In this article I will share some tips to run a successful PPC campaign:

Bid on targeted keywords. The success of a PPC campaign is dependent on the keywords that you bid on. Bidding keywords that are less than targeted will give you poor results. If you run an travel agency that only do luxury tours, you shouldn’t bid on keywords that budget travelers will search for. Read more