Tips to Run an Effective PPC Campaign

In this article I will share some tips to run a successful PPC campaign:

Bid on targeted keywords. The success of a PPC campaign is dependent on the keywords that you bid on. Bidding keywords that are less than targeted will give you poor results. If you run an travel agency that only do luxury tours, you shouldn’t bid on keywords that budget travelers will search for.

Most advertisers find it best to have somewhere between five and 20 keywords per ad group.

Improve your keyword Quality Score (QS)
Quality score is Google’s way of calculating each of your keywords importance to what you’re adversiting. It measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad text, to a users search query, your landing page and a variety of other factors. Each of your keywords receives a quality score, which is frequently updated to ensure it properly reflects keyword performance. You want to get as high a score as possible as this will improve your ads’ position and lower your Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

Sell a product/service that gives value to your prospects. We have seen advertisers who get a lot of clicks from PPC advertising but have moderate sales. One of the reasons is because their products or services lack uniqueness. You need to pitch the unique selling propositions of your product or service on your website to improve sales conversion.

Content Networks
If you wish to advertise on Content Network, change your bid. You can make your ads appear on websites that are partners of the search engines. Although you can get a lot of traffic from it, the content network tends to convert less when compared to showing your ads on the search network. Therefore, you should always bid lesser for content targeting as it converts less when compared to the search network.

Optimize your Camapign
Optimize your campaign on a regular basis. The most common mistake that several PPC advertisers do is that they don’t optimize their campaigns. They use only one ad group for all keywords and don’t conduct regular split testing of ads. Although optimization of a PPC campaign is time-consuming, it’s definitely worth the time as you’ll see your click-through-rate increases.

Use negative keywords
Negative keywords can help lower your PPC costs by filtering out unwanted impressions.

Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to run a profitable PPC campaign.